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Escambia is doing not very well for its children. But there is hope.

“Escambia is doing not very well for its children." Achieve Escambia Executive Director Kimberly Krupa spoke to the Escambia County Commissioners on June 16, 2020. “We’re currently ranked 47th out of 67 counties on what’s called the Florida Child Well-Being Index. And that’s a roll up of 16 indicators ranging from child abuse to juvenile arrest. We’re trending in a down direction, having been at 41 in 2018.”

Despite the hard work and genuine concern of Escambia County citizens, our community is consistently at the top of the wrong lists when it comes to the quality of life of our children. Thankfully, Florida lawmakers passed a state statute in 1986 to address just such challenges by allowing local communities to invest in the well-being of their kids by creating a Children's Services Council (CSC).

This fall, Escambia County voters may have the option of establishing our own CSC, the Escambia Children's Trust.

WUWF's Sandra Averhart reported on the conversation with Dr. Krupa about the Escambia Children's Trust. The article can be read or listened to here:

Escambia Coalition Proposes Dedicated Tax For Children’s Services

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The Escambia Children’s Trust is the proposed name for the Children's Services Council (CSC) in Escambia County. The sole purpose of a CSC is to invest in the well-being of children by maximizing resources and ensuring accountability.


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