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County Commissioners to Choose Citizen Nominees on Thursday, Feb. 18

Tune in to Escambia County Television starting at 9 a.m. this Thursday, Feb. 18 as the Escambia Board of County Commissioners considers the following citizens to recommend to Governor Ron DeSantis for consideration of appointment to the Escambia Children's Trust board. The BoCC will nominate at least 15 of these names to the Governor's Appointments Office. You can read each applicant's packet in a 838-page file, which is searchable, HERE.

 Jeffrey Bergosh

 Lauren Clark

 John Connell

 Glenn Conrad

 Carla Davis

 Michael Floyd

 Tim Fox

 Alex Gartner

 Jessica Griffen

 Willie Hunter

 Kenneth Jones

 Lisa Jones

 Julianne Klein

 Sara Lefevers

 Celestine Lewis

 Jennifer McFarren

 Ida Turner-McKinon

 Sarah Miller

 David Murzin

 Marsha Nelson

 Charlie Nichols

 Rex Northup

 Johnnie Odom, II

 Tom O'Neal

 David Peaden, II

 Betty Peters

 Destini Robinson

 Angelique Sanders

 Karen Sawyers

 Karyn Scarbrough

 Pueschel Schneier

 Carol Sekhon

 Hailey Silva

 Alicia Skolrood

 Lonnie Wesley, III

 Stephanie White

 Carson Wilber

 Irvin Williams

 James (Walker) Wilson

 Susan Winters

 Tori Woods

 Brian Wyer

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