Escambia Children's Trust

Our Board


Escambia Children's Trust, an Independent Special District of Escambia County has been established pursuant to § 125.901, Fla. Stat. and Escambia County Ordinance § 2020-22, as approved by the Electorate on November 3, 2020, and has as its general purpose the provision of services to children throughout Escambia County as more fully set forth in statute and ordinance.


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The purpose of the Escambia Children's Trust is to invest in the well-being of  children within Escambia County by maximizing resources and ensuring accountability through investment in and support to community provider programs through a competitive review process. We shall serve to collaborate and support necessary educational, preventive, developmental, treatment, intervention, and rehabilitative services for children within the County through funding and/or through  cooperative agreements where not otherwise prohibited.